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  2. Ceramic Sink Chambord Henri I Bretagne - E2600 G22
Ceramic Sink Chambord Henri I Bretagne - E2600 G22

Ceramic Sink Chambord Henri I Bretagne - E2600 G22

Sku: Henri I Bretagne

DeluxeSinks5-6 Weeks - Semanas

Regular Price: €2,058.21
Precio oferta €1,605.40

Chambord France


Let the rich Breton colors of the façade steep your interior into a world of authenticity and character. With its harmonious contours, your kitchen will be lifted by a genuinely noble aura.

Decorated fireclay

"Hand-decorated" Chambord sinks are the product of generations of experience and tradition.

Since 1896, we have been using the same techniques, precision, attention to detail and pride in our work to decorate our fireclay.  This tradition of high-quality fireclay production stretches back through history, winning us a number of awards starting with our trophy from the International Exhibition in Paris, 1925.

Since 1896, our family has passed the art and passion for fireclay down through the generations.  With Chambord, when you choose a decorated sink, you are rediscovering the art of fine fireclay in your kitchen.

Guaranteed to be hand-made, and delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

Length: 23 3/8" - 595 mm

Width: 18 1/2" - 470 mm

Big bowl dimension: 20 1/4" x 15 3/8" x 7 1/4" - 514 x 390 x 185 mm

Reference: Henri I Bretagne

Brand: Chambord

Material: Ceramic Decorated

Product Tint: Bretagne Design

Net weight: 51 lbs - 23,04 kg

Form Factor: Single bowl

Warranty: 5 years

Chambord Henri I

Chambord Henri I Bretagne

Chambord Henri I Bretagne