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  2. Leather Sink Chambord Dagobert Black - E5000N0ST 009
Leather Sink Chambord Dagobert Black - E5000N0ST 009

Leather Sink Chambord Dagobert Black - E5000N0ST 009

Sku: E5000N0ST 009

DeluxeSinks5-6 Weeks - Semanas

Regular Price: €9,615.87
Precio oferta €7,500.38

Chambord France


The Dagobert leather sink is a genuinely comfortable product to use, thanks to the 18/10 stainless steel basin. Available in black and brown leather, this sink is the perfect addition to classical or more contemporary kitchens.


Leather is a truly exceptional material. It basks in a wealth of history and tradition and is worked by passionate artisans.

A symbol of strength and nobility, leather is unique: the colours, wrinkles and tones transform each skin into something new.

To ensure that you have the highest quality product, Chambord only selects the finest leather for our sinks. Following a natural, plant-based tanning process, the leather is applied to the sink by hand. It takes several days to fit the leather perfectly and complete a Chambord sink. Using a manufacturing technique known only to Chambord, a unique process is applied to the leather to make it fully stain- and water-resistant.

When you choose a Chambord sink, you are choosing exclusive, 100% French skills, technique and expertise.

Length: 31 1/2" - 800 mm

Width: 18 7/8" - 480 mm

Big bowl dimension: 28 3/8" x 15 3/4" x 11 1/8" - 720 x 400 x 281 mm

Reference: Dagobert Black

Brand: Chambord

Material: Leather

Product Tint: Black Leather

Form Factor: Single bowl

Chambord Dagobert

Chambord Dagobert