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  2. Stainless steel sink undercounter Luisina Adagio EVSP5621 - 1150 x 440mm
Stainless steel sink undercounter Luisina Adagio EVSP5621 - 1150 x 440mm

Stainless steel sink undercounter Luisina Adagio EVSP5621 - 1150 x 440mm

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Garantia 5 años FregaderosValvula automatica cromadaFregadero reversiblePara muebles desde 80Cm



The trend of the metal, far from disappearing, lingers and is the kitchen that uses it with great talent: countertops, walls, sinks, tables, chairs, lighting. Stainless is ubiquitous! That's why Luisina develops her stainless steel collection every year.

Characteristics and composition of the material

They are manufactured in large European companies specialized in this material. All our kitchen sinks are made of stainless steel with a minimum of 10.5% chromium. The steel used to manufacture all our sinks is 18/10 stainless steel: it contains iron, 18% chromium and 10% nickel. The alloy also includes other materials that improve the quality of stainless steel.

In relation to all these elements, a layer of protection is formed on the surface of the stainless steel that protects it from any risk of corrosion. It is said that this layer is self-repairing: it is called a passive layer and constitutes a very effective obstacle against corrosion. The vast majority of the models in Luisinox include automatic valve and complete siphon assembly to improve the comfort of use.

Available Finish

Finished Luisinox Inox satinSatin Stainless steel. This stainless steel is subjected to an additional finish in the manufacturing process. The kitchen sink is brushed, which gives better resistance to the scratches caused by frequent use. The brushing in this case is usually done with machines, but for high-end kitchen sinks the finish is done by hand.

The properties of LUISINOX


The Inox is an elastic material that resists shocks very well (mechanical constraints). In case of light shock, it will recover its initial shape by elastic return. This elasticity also reduces the breakage of fragile products (glass and porcelain).

Variety of shapes

The Luisinox range is very complete: recessed or under countertop, the numerous Luisina models respond to all your needs.

Resistance to temperature

The melting temperature of the steels is very important, the stainless steel kitchen sinks resist without any difficulty to the temperatures that are in the kitchen.


The Inox is perfectly neutral with food, that is to say that its taste and its appearance are invariable, is one of the reasons why it is used a lot in the manufacture of pots, cutlery and sinks.


The hard, smooth, stainless steel surface prevents bacteria from settling and proliferating.


Easy to maintain, our sink in Luisinox will have a long life.


The inox. is mostly made from stainless steel cuts, the average rate of recycled products that come into its composition is 70%. During the process of separation of the waste, the stainless steel is systematically recycled. It is an ecological material.

Model: Stainless steel sink Undercounter Adagio (Steel / Luisinox)

Reference: EVSP 5621

Sink composed of 2 bucket + 1 drainer.

90mm diameter valve

Dimensions (mm): 1150 Length x 440 Width x 190 Depth

Embedding measures: 1110 x 400 mm

- Automatic chrome valve.

Furniture: from 80cm

Sink measures Luisina Adagio Luisinox EVSP5621

Stainless steel sink Undercounter Luisina Adagio Luisinox EVSP 5621

Stainless steel sink Undercounter Luisina Adagio Luisinox EVSP5621